Courses providing individual attention

Craft courses for up to 4 people ensuring individual attention

Experience the satisfaction of creating something of exceptional and unique beauty.

Everyone has the potential to be creative but our imagination is often stifled by daily life and limited time.                       

These one day craft courses will give you an opportunity to learn the fundamentals in a friendly and relaxed environment, and a chance to create a unique piece of artwork to take home.


GIFT VOUCHERS available - and ideal present!!

Latest comments

22.11 | 11:16

Really enjoyed the course. It was a long but very enjoyable day, packed full of activity, tuition & information. Anna is so experienced & enthusiastic.

22.11 | 11:04

Absolutely loved the course, from start to finish. Anna was friendly & welcoming. An excellent teacher with the patience of a saint & extensive knowledge

16.11 | 15:16

I bought the Mosaic day as a gift for my mother; had a lovely time.
Anna was helpful & informative. We’d consider going back to take level 2 in the near future

08.11 | 19:43

Anna was a great teacher switching between beginner, advanced & intermediate. She has a vast amount of knowledge & wanted to share all her tips and hints.